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i närheten av Akbaba, İstanbul İli (Türkiye)

Beautiful track to discover the places near the entry of Bosphorus where Marmara Sea merges to the Black Sea

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4 kommentarer

  • Bild av Anderson

    Anderson 2008-mar-03

    Cool track. The photos speak by themselves, beautiful, specially for those like me that live quite far from the ocean. Thanks for sharing


  • Bild av solez

    solez 2008-mar-03

    Hi Andy, try to see it closer, its better when real... I'm not living close to Anadolu Feneri but the view of Marmara and Black Seas are really great from that point...

  • Bild av Forest

    Forest 2008-mar-14

    Yes, google earth maps are really good and detailed to the ground for the region. I love the pictures too, pure mediterranean beauty

  • karakule 2011-jan-08

    the route is really georgeous.i am planning making a journey there but not at the same route but nearer to the coastline.

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