939 m
891 m
62,45 km

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i närheten av Rothenthurm, Kanton Schwyz (Switzerland)

Net time was 4hrs 11 minutes, giving average speed of 14.9 kmh.

Arrived with 3 pairs of skis (intending only to use skins) and all 3 were used.

First 32kms done with classic skin skis until one of the skins fell off (quite used) (2x 15km lap, plus some extra going back to find the fallen skin).

Next 7 kms ( 1x 7km lap) done on classic wax skis, which had no grip (brought only as a back up) so classic on flat/downs double poling and skating up

Next 22kms done on skating skis and skating boots. (1x 15km lap + 1x 7km lap)

Always a good idea to bring a back up pair of skis and boots if you want to have the option to do a long training run on a day snow/weather conditions are ideal.

Laps in Finnenloipe are a few hundred metres longer than advertised..


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