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i närheten av Bayan Bulagiin Hural, Төв Аймаг (Mongol Uls)

There are wide steppe, rivers, wild flowers and forest in Terelj National Park. You will fine out which is the best way to explore to this nature and how much the horse riding is interesting here. Be careful accrossing wild rivers. You can gallop at wide steppe, visit nomad family and take a nap at the forest after picnic lunch. Best tour season is from June to Auguest. This adventure starts at Mongolia Horse Riding Club tourist camp which is established by Korean travel company.

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Mongolia Horse Riding Club

Mongolia Horse Riding Club is the traditional tourist camp located in Gorkhi-Terelj National Park which is one of the best recommeded destination for horseback riders. Clean Ger accommodation, meals and horseback journey. This camp is located about 65km away from Ulaanbaatar city center. It is 1km before Terelj hotel. 2 hours from airport. This club is the base camp for horseback journey in Terelj. You can see the 'turtle rock' on the way. From here 10km more drive. You can find out the storefront sign and stable on your left. Get off here and walk up 300m along gentle slope.

Horseback in Terelj National Park


Horseback adventure in Terelj


Beautiful nature and steppe of Terelj

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    mongolia_horseback 2014-feb-07

    몽골승마클럽에서 승마여행

  • Bild av mongolia_horseback

    mongolia_horseback 2014-feb-07

    About 1km backward from UB2 hotel. https://www.wikiloc.com/outdoor-trails/horseback-trails-in-mongolia-5948512#wp-5948513/photo-3219190

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    mongolia_horseback 2014-feb-07

    Subsidiary facilities like clean ger, hot shower, good saddles and restaurant.. beautiful surrounding as well. https://www.wikiloc.com/outdoor-trails/horseback-trails-in-mongolia-5948512#wp-5948513/photo-3219189

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