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180 m
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206,01 km

Visad 1876 gånger, ladda ned 45 gånger

i närheten av Bad Helmstedt, Niedersachsen (Deutschland)

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    DirtyBastard 2019-jul-03

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    a few words about the "Technical difficulty rating": This track varies A LOT! It has very easy parts, lots of moderate sections and a hand full of difficult stuff. In percent I'd say more or less 30%/60%/10%

    We did the trail south to north in 2 days and reached its end on the river Elbe. Our bikes have been a Husqvarna 701 and a KTM 690, both Rally bike builds. Sadly there wasn't any description of the trail, just one picture showing some bigger adventure bikes with lots of luggage. It seems the picture was taken almost 5 years before we did the trail, and as the trail is now I can't imagine it can be done on the bikes shown in that picture (at least not the whole track).

    First things first: The trail is awesome! We wouldn't have expected to find anything like this in central germany. The scenery was outstanding, we saw some crazy wildlife and almost no people. The trail crosses a lot of private property (or maybe just property people have declared to be their private property, we haven't managed to find out what's the case). Especially in the middle part of the trail there were a lot of fences we had to open (and of course to close), if you ride here be very careful! The fences were mostly just a thin wire and barely visible! We ALMOST ran into some of them. Nobody was complaining, a few farmers working nearby waved back when we waved at them. The track might not be 100% legal, but we behaved as nicely as we could and were tolerated ;)
    From time to time the gpx track is misleading and you have to find deroutes on your own. We had no major problems here, but if you want a gpx track that's 100% accurate this one is not for you! (My guess: the track wasn't "recorded" but planned on the computer). On one point we got almost stuck in the woods and wished we had small 250cc Enduros. With the Rally bikes it was tough to pass, with a GS/Africa Twin/similar it would have been almost impossible.

    - old overgrown concrete pathes (mind the edges!)
    - lots of meadow
    - sometimes very (!) high grass and plants (overhead)
    - some smaller sections through the woods
    - longer forest roads (old concrete) in the last 2/3rds of the trail (with super fun to ride deep sand tracks running next to the concrete)
    - almost no public roads

    Would we do it again: DEFINITELY!

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