2 920 m
2 625 m
27,27 km

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i närheten av Cloudcroft, New Mexico (United States)

Lots of twist, turns and climbs. The shoulders on this road are wide in most places and the traffic is light. The most common obstacle along this route is the local wildlife. Be prepared to run into mule deer, elk and cattle. The route is difficult because of its altitude and steep climbs but is doable by most riders who are in good shape. Riders who enjoy climbing and fast descents will have a good time on this ride. High Altitude Bike Shop in Cloudcroft can also provide plenty of off road options.

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    Lindell 2011-sep-06

    I have wanted to do this ride for a long time. I was not disappointed but I was caught off guard. One week ago I was burning up in the HHH. During this ride I saw fog, drizzle, pouring rain, sleet and snow. I was thankful for a raincoat left in my truck just in case and a long sleeve shirt thoughtfully brought by my wife. If you do this ride make sure you’re prepared for anything and give yourself some time to acclimate to the altitude.

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