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i närheten av Paiporta, Valencia (España)

Paiporta is a village in the Valencian Community, it's situated southerly of Valencia, the capital.
This is a route around Paiporta, we start from my house in ''Sacred Family'' street,we go past La Sénia's high school, the sports centre, the auditorium, the main square and more important sites of Paiporta. It is a good tour to know better this beautiful village near Valencia.

Luis Vive's school

It was built in 1970 , first of all it was sittuated where now is the Senyera's square, but it collapsed so in 2010 they decided to buid it again. Today the school is build in a place that was a park before and were the school was is now The Senyera's square

Xuquer's park

Is a park in front of the Saint Ramon's church, it has got swings, toboggans and others things for children. There are a few bars around and a newsagent to buy journals, magazines and sweets too. In this park is a big ''X'' because the name of Xuquer.

Saint Ramon's church

this church was built in 1965 . Saint Ramon's church is very big on the inside, it haves 3 floors and a basement, it haves a very simple and modern architecture and it's beautiful and different.

casota's park

this park is a park surrounder by bars and flats. It haves attractions for the children to play. It haves a big fountain too and a lot of plants. So many kids go to play there after school.

Paiporta's medical center

this medical centre is quite new, it was one before but they detected an disease so now they have built a new one in front the 3th of April square and near La Sénia high school. This one haves 3 flors and a emergeny building apart.

3th of April square

this square is in front of the medical centre, it haves shops, bars and houses around. It haves a skating rink, a big ''A''monument from April and a big ''3'' monument from 3th. It also haves attractions for children, trees and plants. A skating club goes there to practise every tuesday and thursday

La Sénia high school

Is our high school, it was built in 1974 . It haves 3 floors and 2 buildings apart where students do technology and P.E. Inside there is the cantine, the library, the classroms,the audiovisual room, the concierge and the playground. In the playground there are 2 courts, one for football and another for basquetball and then the parking where the teachers park their cars and bycicles. This high school is next to L'horta primary school

Paiporta's fitness centre

this fittess centre is next to la Sénia high school. It haves 2 floors, a cantine, the changing rooms, a swimming pool and a spa place with jacutzzi. The swimming pools are in the first floor and the gym and the rooms to practice spinning and other activities are in the second floor.

football pitch

This football pitch is next the fitness centre, it's connected with the sports centre and so many teams go there to play matches.

Paiporta's sport centre

The Paiporta's sport centre is a place with a lot of courts and pitches, for tennis, for basketball, football. There's a skating rink, and a place to play ''petanca'' a typical spanish game that old people use to play. There is a park and a club to do so many different activities for youngsters too. The sports centre is connected to a football pitch and with the outdoors swimming pool

Paiporta's swimming pool

Is a swimming pool where you have to pay for enter. It haves a common big swimming pool and a little swimming pool for children and babies. The swimming pool has changing rooms and a bar to buy drinks, food and ice creams

paiporta's ravine

You can go down there to go walking with your dog if you want, or just to breath some pure air. The Paiporta's ravine come acros all Paiporta and divides it in 2 parts. In March, we celebrate ''Fallas'' and the ''mascletá'' is celebrated down there. The mascletá is a show where a lot of firecrackers explote making a lot of noise and it's a tradicion to do it at 2pm during the 5 days of ''Fallas''. The obstacle race is celebrated there too, in May. Is a race where you have to run with some obstacles like mud or balls . There are different categories, for children, for teenagers and for adults. It's a goog way to have fun in family

sculpture/shield of Paiporta

This roundabout with the shield of Paiporta in 3D was built in 2009. It was built to make the transit better.

soliera's square

this is a square where children can go to play or teenagers and adults can go to relax, have lunch or dinner in one of the bars around. this square have a park for childerns to play, a big fountain, trees and plants. The name is because paiporta is Soliera's sisterhood. Soliera is a village in Italy. The police station is next this square

Rose serrano school

The Ausias March was built 50 years ago and so many children went there so they decided to build another one, the Rose Serrano, but it took a long time to build it, almost 9 years, so children had to take their lessons in barracks.

Paiporta's auditorium

Is one of the most important buildings in Paiporta, there they take part a lot of films and plays. It haves 3 floors and a big basement . There are 2 rooms, one is to have conferences and reunions and the other is a cinema and a theater

Andreu Alfaro's High School

This high school have only 5 years, it's quite new. A lot of students came there because it's too big. It's next to Ausias March school

Villa Amparo's park

This park is next to Ausias March school. It's the biggest park in Paiporta and it haves a lot of plants and trees, it haves a park for children to play there and a park for dogs, to make their needs. Inside the park there is a house from a rich Paiporta family called Villa Amparo, so that's why this park is called Villa Amparo

Saint George church

This church was built in the 18th Century in is the oldest church is Paiporta, it's very beautiful inside , it haves 1 floor and a balcony inside for the choir, to sing in the mass. This church offers so much activities like ''Juniors'', it's like the scouts, the choir for children and for adults, formation during 2 years for teenagers to do the confirmation and 2 years of preparattion for 8 years old children to take the first communion.

Main square

This is a very important square in Paiporta, so many people go there on weekends to get a snack while children play in the park. In December the Christmas market is there and a lot of people go there to by things or to take part in activities. Is a very tipical meeting point for young and adult people, because arround the square there are bars, restaurants, newsagents, a hairdresser's and a pet shop too. And there are flats all around that square.

Senyera's square

The Luis Vives school was built there several years ago, but it was collapsed so they decided to build it in another place and now this is a square with a little park, it's quite new it haves only 6 years.


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