1 472 m
1 297 m
29,11 km

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i närheten av Sakina, Arusha (Tanzania)

Starting from our neighbourhood we take the A104 and after 4km aprox. we find an evident junction that goes to Arusha Airport on the left. We will pass in front of TGT, we continue until we find the other side of A104. We turn on the left and after the junction of Arusha Airport there is another junction on the right. Arusha Girls High School or something like that. We turn there and from there just enjoy the rough road. Beautiful landscapes and nice trail. You will cross a river, at list we did and then the way can be quite confuse but just go ahead. Eventhough it doesn't look like a way, it is. Hahha. Ok. This trail only can be done when it doesn't rain. It must be dry, otherwise can become a nightmare. We have done it in may after two days break of rain. Excelent conditions. Follow the trail always right on the junctions and you will find Arusha prision. Then turn on the left. Back to the main road A104. Enjoy!!


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