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Uploaded den 24 augusti 2017

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i närheten av Lund, Skåne (Ruoŧŧa)

Nice tour through terrain (the section Linero - Hårdeberga is not suitable for racer bikes) and asphalt bike paths.
Starting in Lund, I took the less known path to Skrylle via Arendala and Hårdeberga, very beautiful indeed though be aware it is a bit uphill on the first part (noticeable if you are carrying a child on a trailer as I was :-)).
Billebjär is a very nice nature reserve where you can take a swim on the lake, well worth a stop. You can bike around the reserve limits and take a dirt road towards Dalby Söderskog national park, another place worth visiting.
From there, i headed my way back to Lund through Billebjär again, but if you want to make the tour longer, you can bike to or passed Skrylle, another interesting green area with several nature reserves.
After Billebjär, I took a different bike path, via Tygelsjö mölla, arriving to Lund close to Linero.
PS. It takes less than four hours to bike this, I just forgot to pause the recording when I stopped at Billebjär...


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