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i närheten av Roehampton, England (United Kingdom)

London-Brighton off-road 2016, event organized by the British Heart Foundation, 75 miles/120 kilometer long bike ride.

The route, being mostly off-road, has a few on road sections, most of them in its first part inside the M25. After that it crosses the Surrey Hills, then takes the Downs Link for about 40 km, and finally climbs to the South Downs before finishing in Brighton.

The whole route is flat except for three climbs 200 meters each. The first hill (km 50) is easily done as you´re still full of energy. A few kilometers later you reach the second hill (km 57), which is a little tougher as your legs start to feel tired. And the best thing of the third hill (km 109) is that you know it´s the last climb of the day and you´re not far from crossing the finish line in Brighton.

That day we had to battle against a strong headwind (South wind), if you can choose a calm day to do the ride you will enjoy it even more.

A big advantage of participating in an event like this is you don't need to carry much weight with you, as you are provided with water, fruits, peanuts and cereal bars at several stops.

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  • Bild av jgarciaor

    jgarciaor 2016-okt-18

    Lo pasé en grande, aunque en algunos puntos era aburrido, como esa Vía Verde por la que fuimos tantos kilómetros.

  • Bild av R.Chamorro

    R.Chamorro 2018-aug-11

    Se cierran carreteras para el evento, o se puede seguir la ruta cualquier día? Gracias

You can or this trail