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i närheten av Fuente Dé, Cantabria (España)

I shouldn't need to say this......but before anyone blindly follows this and then starts twining that its not a handholding step by step universally difficulty graded guide, like some of the other comments on other peoples similar routes.....Before you take on this route.......Use a bit of common bloody sense. Do some planning. You are going into the mountains and not just following a GPS for a quick jolly. Be ready for mechanicals and weather. i had both with low cloud, and a long day of pushing and freewheeling. Take a map(s) and plenty of food and water and suitable gear.

But getting to it.....this is an Amazing ride with nothing short of SPECTACULAR scenery on a clear day.......but as with all gravity assisted rides....... unfortunately there is a price to pay for the fabulous downhill sections.

[NOTE: I did this ride but had a freehub failure and had to take my chain off after beginning the second section of descent @10 miles so had to cut the ride slightly short and had to push all the climbs and nice undulating track from that point and freewheel where I could......I have uploaded it into my trails as there are a couple of waypoints worth a mention at a short 'off-piste' link section]

Get to Fuente De EARLY as the queuing starts shortly after 8am with the first car leaving at 9am. You NEED to have your ticket bought and be up to the entrance with your bike to catch one of the first 2 cars to ascend. They are quite relaxed about the whole affair and if not crazy busy (rare in the summer) you can get on another one depending on the queues as a bike obviously takes up more room. (At the time or writing it is €11 for a single)

After a short climb from the cable car you round a corner to be greeted by the view of the track ahead. The first, nearly 8 miles, vary from undulating downhill to fast steep and loose rock track. Be careful not to get too carried away with the speed, as it goes from controllable to like trying to slow down on fist sized marbles into corners. It would be easy to go from fun to not so much very quickly!

There is a short tarmac climb up to Sotres where you would be wise to refuel and make use of some of the Bars there to grab a a Bocadillo de tortilla con chorizo (tortilla and chorizo sandwich) or similar and refill any water used.

The road or track can be used to climb out of Sotres. The track is a bit steeper and the road is a bit easier. Take your pick, they both come out in the same place.
After topping this hill it is rolling road to the next offroad section.

It gets steep and twisty quickly to begin with @11miles but then opens out onto undulating track through limestone scenery and woodland with more amazing views opening up around every corner.

@15 miles after the view opens up to Bejes below be CAREFULL not to get carried away zipping down the concrete road as you are turning off to the right shortly after a couple of barns on the right.

This track is a short sharp climb with some bits quite technically challenging given the steepness. Ride or push will depend on fitness and skill. Its harsh but short and there is a water trough to stick your head in to cool down shortly before the top!

Once you reach the flatter section of pasture at the top here you pass another trough and round a corner showing a track off in the distance on the opposite hill to the left. This is where you will be heading for indirectly.


THERE IS NO OBVIOUS PATH down the limestone covered slope to your left but you will probably see several cow tracks leaving the track Anywhere near the indicated on this route will get you down to the pasture below. One thing you WILL see is a single cattle shed standing in the green bowl below the limestone where it flattens out. Make a mental note as THAT is where you are heading for....again indirectly, contouring around the hill. This is where a clear day helps as at this level you could be in the clouds. If you do find yourself in the cloud don't worry you can just keep heading gently down contouring the hill picking your way through the exposed limestone until you hit the pasture below and it opens up to grass and bracken (stay out of the long bracken as that's where you will pick up ticks if there are any). There are a couple of small rises to go up and down where water is collecting and running off the hill. The cattle tracks tend to be wider here where they cross and climb these so easy to locate and follow. The tracks go off in all directions between theses so just head roughly to the next until you pass the shed. at this point the track in the distance is clearly visible but you have to continue contouring around the bowl of the hill to pick it up at the head.

Once on the track its all straight forward again on undulating and downhill track back to Pendes

BE WARNED!!! i HAVE NOT RIDDEN THIS TRAIL BEYOND THE VILLAGE OF PENDES and intended to explore the lower slopes a little on the last section.

Due to my bike being broken I headed down the hill at this point.


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