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i närheten av Itapanhoacanga, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

During the first 10 kms of this 13,7 km stretch, the traveler will encounter gravel inclines and then the road descends steeply requiring more attention, especially in rainy periods, when passing there is not advisable.

The main attractions here are the 360º views of the Serra do Espinhaço, the Serra do Intendente, and the Serra de São José to be enjoyed and photographed from the highest vantage points.

The village of Santo Antônio do Norte, known as Tapera, is the final stop of this part of the journey. Here attractions include the Church of Santo Antônio and the Chapel of Sant’Ana de Tapera, as well as beautiful waterfalls. Tapera is not well-structured to receive tourists and depending upon when he arrives, the traveler may have difficulty finding restaurants open.

More Information: http://www.estradareal.org.br/

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TAPERA More Information: http://www.estradareal.org.br/


ITAPANHOAGANCA More Information: http://www.estradareal.org.br/

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    Northern Mountaineer 2009-maj-21

    beautiful photos, this definitely seems a great trail, thanks for sharing

  • Bild av rafasantosbh

    rafasantosbh 2018-mar-25

    I have followed this trail  verifierade  View more

    Trilha excelente

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