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i närheten av Bodai, Kanagawa (Japan)

Sawanobori in Momiso-sawa (Tanzawa)

This hike almost didn't happen and the leader fixed the plan the afternoon of the day before.
We were supposed to go somewhere else but that had been cancelled and luckily we were able to modify the plan.

From Shibusawa station we rode the overcrowded bus to Okura bus stop, most people aim for Tonodake and I was surprised to see some hikers walking along the forest road (戸川林道) we took along the river.
After a few minutes we encountered the first leeches. One tried to suck my blood through my socks, hopefully I could notice it in time to remove it. At that point I sprayed some leech deterent profusely and the conclusion is that it worked remarkably well in my case.
Another person overlooked that and got some surprise with a blood-filled leech on the lower part of the calf.

We reached the start of Momiso-sawa after about 1 hour. There was a crowd practising rock climbing there and other people going further along the main stream: 水無川.
Momiso-sawa is an afluent of Misunashi and the water level is much lower. It is a very narrow gorge quite dark and the lower part only has water. There is a succession of small waterfalls, some of which can be climbed while others are a bit more technical, in that case walking on the side but still on rocks is possible.
Mostly we didn't have to use ropes until we got to the biggest rock wall (what they call big fall) with 12 meters, it is usually dry but due to the rain the day before it was wet at parts.
The lower part of it is straightforward but the last 3 meters are challenging and it was certainly wise that we used the rope at that point. There were several anchors and it was safe once the rope was set. The top anchors for belay were relatively high and the lead climber failed to notice them and belayed using a tree.

Once we exited the stream we had to climb on very steep terrain (sometimes well above 45 degrees), I kicked steps into the dirt and burried my hands into the soft ground, walking on all fours, I wish I had crampons and it was covered in snow. Anyway after a while it got more manageable and a few minutes later we reached the hiking trail (大倉尾根) full of hikers.
Full of sweat we changed gears and packed all the climbing equipment. I ran the 4.5 km to the bus stop and rode a bus so packed I couldn't breathe without touching the people next to me.

Overall it was a good stream trail, some technical parts but not above my ability.








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