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Enjoy three things you love -Great Wine, Good Food, and the Culture that will nourish your soul in one of the most off the beaten track nation in Europe, The Republic of Moldova.

Milestii Mici Winery

Riding a bus or driving your car you will descend to 80 m depth. Measuring about 200 km, all underground streets make up the largest network of caves ever dug by man. Due to the impressive collection of more than 2 million bottles, Milestii Mici was introduced in 2006 in the Guinness Book. More than 70% of the stored wines are red, 20% are white and about 10% are dessert wines. The wines stored here are made from crops of various years, beginning with 1969. Grapes include Pinot, Traminer, Muscat, Riesling, Feteasca Dnestrovscoie, Milestscoie, Codru, Negru de Purcari, Trandafirul Moldovei, Auriu, and Cahor-Ciumai. You will feel like a king here, admiring the flames of the fireplace, tasting 20-30 years old wines and enjoying national cuisine. Website: http://www.milestii-mici.md/

Valea Morilor Lake

Residents of Chisinau take pride in the green spaces within their city, as the city has the highest proportion of parks when compared to other major cities throughout Europe. For that reason, Valea Morilor Lake is the number one recreational spot for the city’s residents, offering 36 hectares of water surrounded by forest, and even a beach with a boat rental. It is the spot for social gatherings with picnics, games and sport events. Not only a place to rest your eyes but also where different kind of activities took place.

Carpe Diem Wine Bar

Carpe Diem Wine Bar is a value-oriented boutique wine store and wine bar, offering an exceptional selection of distinctive and eclectic fine wines from Moldova and from all over the world. In the store you can find approximately 160 different wines from both classic and emerging regions, while the wine bar offers 20-25 local wines by the glass. You can enjoy a great evening in a wine atmosphere, and even get the chance to attend a wine tasting event that is happening quite often at Carpe Diem. Website: http://www.wineshop.md/rom/
Sacred architecture

Nativity Cathedral, Chisinau

The Cathedral of Christ's Nativity is the main cathedral of the Moldovan Orthodox Church in Central Chișinău, Moldova. It was commissioned by the governor of New Russia, Prince Mikhail Semyonovich Vorontsov, and Metropolitan Gavril Bănulescu-Bodoni in 1830. The cathedral was built in the 1830s to a Neoclassical design by Abram Melnikov. The cathedral was bombed during the World War II, and its bell tower was destroyed by the local Communists in 1962. The new bell tower was constructed in 1997. During the Soviet period, worship was prohibited and the cathedral was transformed into an exhibition center.

Stefan cel Mare Central Park

Stefan cel Mare Central Park is the main park in Central Chişinău, Moldova. Formerly known as Pushkin Park, it is the oldest park in Moldova and spans about 7 hectares (17 acres). It has gained the nickname "The Park of the Lovers" in Chişinău due to its popularity as a meeting spot for couples. The park contains 50 species of trees, some of which are quite old, the mulberries and acacias being between 130 and 180 years.

Embargo Wine Bar

An upbeat, lively atmosphere flavored by unique traditional music immediately puts you in a Moldovan frame of mind. A cozy wine shop and bar specializing in unique and affordable wine from Moldova mainly made from local types of grapes such as Feteasca Neagra, Rara Neagra and Feteasca Regala. Website: https://www.facebook.com/embargowine/

Radisson Blu Leogrand Hotel 5*

Located in Chisinau city center, the Radisson Blu Leogrand Hotel is within walking distance of Sky Tower Business Center. You can visit attractions such as Nativity Cathedral and Stefan Cel Mare Park just by walking 2 minutes. The hotel has 143 recently refurbished rooms and suites includes Free high-speed, wireless Internet and other convenient amenities. Enjoy the Super Breakfast Buffet in the Ambassador Restaurant, which also serves lunch and dinner. The New York Restaurant Bar & Grill offers classic American fare in a casual setting. For those who want a fine dining experience, Zaxi pairs live music and panoramic city views with food from award-winning chefs. Website: https://www.radissonblu.com/en/hotel-chisinau?facilitatorId=CSOSEO&csref=org_gmb_sk_en_sn_ho_KIVZL
Train stop

Chisinau Railway Station

Chisinau Railway Station is the main railway station serving Chişinău, Moldova. It is located in a central area, on 1 Aleea Garii, not far from the centre of the city. In addition to local trains, international services operate from Chisinau to several other capital cities, namely Bucharest, Kiev, Moscow, Minsk, & Warsaw. Daily trains also run to Saint Petersburg and Odessa. There are several trains each week to Iasi in Romania, and daily services to Tiraspol. The station is equipped as an international port of entry/exit, with a customs hall, and border control. International services arrive at and depart from platform 1, whose concourse can be closed off with barriers to create a contained customs zone.

Orhei Lake Compex

Lacul Orhei is a new tourist attraction and a modern area of ​​leisure and recreation. The lake recreation area has two beaches equipped with 100 loungers, benches, aqueducts and shower cabins. Moreover, the beaches are equipped with white sand, using over 2 thousand tons of white sand brought from a specialized career. At the same time, the area of ​​the lake was extended, with an alley with lanterns, pergolas, banks, flowers and trees, where visitors have the opportunity to walk and admire the lake view.

Chateau Vartely Winery

During a programmed visit to Château Vartely Tourist Complex, with a tour of winery and wine tastings, visitors can discover and experience the history, traditions and culture of winemaking in Moldova. Hidden inside of a limestone hill, the winery cellars benefit the most from the stone’s natural property of maintaining the cool temperature. Here, visitors can enjoy tours and wine tastings accompanied by the professional guides. In this respect, the tasting rooms of Château Vartely ensure ideal conditions for a true wine tasting experience where you will have the chance to enjoy some of the best wines. With a vast of grapes plantation, the winery cultivates various varieties: White grapes: Chardonnay, Muscat, Sauvignon Blanc, Traminer, Feteasca Regala. Red grapes: Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Rara Neagra, Malbek, Feteasca Neagra, Syrah. Website: https://www.vartely.md/en/
Sacred architecture

Curchi Monastery

Excursion at Curchi Monastery The complex of the Curchi Monastery is surrounded by a high stone wall endowed with towers at each corner, creating the image of a fortress. The main church, built in 1810, has a monumental look, enhanced with baroque elements, yet keeping Moldavian traditional style.

Case de Sub Stinca Guest House

The guesthouse Casa de sub Stinca is located in Trebujeni Village, in the heart of the archeological complex “Orheiul Vechi ” (Old Ohei) The guesthouse is the 11th house from the beginning of the village, located right under a rock, causing great interest among visitors. Casa de sub Stinca offer you accommodation in renovated rooms, decorated in a traditional moldovian style with own acces to the bath room. Also here you will enjoy the traditional Moldovan food prepared by the hostess from local ingredients. Here you can spend unforgettable holidays in a village atmosphere with traditional dishes and a lot of good mood. Website: http://pensiuneorhei.com/

Cricova Winery

In Cricova underground galleries you will see over seventy streets covering an area of nearly 53 hectares, each bearing Bacchic names: Sauvignon, Cabernet, Cahor, etc. Here you can admire one of the oldest bottles of wine in Moldova, dating from 1902. There is one story always told in this place about the Russian pilot Yuri Gagarin, who during a visit in 1966, after getting tipsy, got lost and missed the exit. He went out the next day, having spent the night in the tasting room, currently named after him. In one of Cricova’s luxurious tasting halls, a couple years ago the Russian president Vladimir Putin celebrated his 50th birthday. You will also have the chance to taste this wine in one of these halls. Website: http://www.cricova.md/

Ivancea Fishing Lake

Located in the Codry forest, is part of a commune in the Moldovan district of Orhei which also consists of the villages, Furceni and Branesti. The route between Chisinau and Ivancea is Moldova’s most loved tourist route. Here, we will just look at what the village of Ivancea has to offer to its visitors.These lake is very popular among locals as a swimming and fishing site. The atmosphere makes it an ideal location for weekend barbecuing. The region is also well-known for its wine producing fields. Buy some quality local wine to go with the barbecue.

Doi Haiduci Complex

Doi Haiduci Complex is a unique place where, no doubt, will feel better everyone. "Two Haiduci" is a perfect combination of nature Moldovan virgin forests, exceptional service and delicious traditional dishes of the earth Moldova. This is an opportunity for outdoor seating in a large company or rather noisy - escape for a period of turmoil and bustle of everyday life. The complex has everything you need for an unforgettable holiday - luxury homes with all amenities, sauna, restaurant and of course Moldovan wine. Website: http://doi-haiduci.md/

Codru National Reservation

Codru forest, the most known in Moldova, is situated in the center of the country to the northwest of Chisinau. It was founded in 1971 and occupies an area of 5,177 ha. The forest is made up of valleys and ravines at one point reaching 380 meters. There are more than 1,000 species of protected plants, representing half of Moldova’s flora; 43 species of mammals; 145 species of birds; 7 species of reptiles; 10 species of fish; and more of 8,000 species of insects. Most of trees are tall oaks and beeches. The reserve also includes a museum.

Chatea Vartely Wine Shop

At Chateau Vartely Wine Shop, which is located on the territpry of the winery, you will get the chance to buy a souvenir for yourself and enjoy Chateau Vartely's wine at home. There you will find the valuable collection of wines made from grapes grown in the vineyards of Moldova such as Taraboste; Individo; Wines with IGP; Ice Wine; Sparkling wine; Liqueur wine; Distillates.

Chateay Vartely Restaurant

At Chateay Vartely Restaurant, visitors can enjoy Château Vartely wines, meals of Moldovan traditional and European cuisine in a cozy atmosphere. It is a modern high-end restaurant Château Vartely, stylishly integrated into the Moldovan traditional cuisine.Designed with elegance, the restaurant perfectly combines traditional luxury with all the elements of modern comfort. The friendly staff will be happy to welcome you on the terrace, where, together with your guests, you’ll feel great, enjoying sparkling wine, sharing the emotions of the event, and will be able to admire the magical sunset from the hill of Orhei town.

Branesti Winery

Branesti is located in the forest near Orhei Vechi in Branesti village. It has 50 km of underground cellars, reaching to depths of 60 m beneath the surface. There are two tasting halls at Branesti, one of which is located underground. The halls are decorated with wood and metal that reproduce images related to vine cultivation and wine-making. Here you'll be able to enjoy dry white and red “collection” wines and sparkling wines.

Stone Age Cave Hotel Complex

The tourist complex of Branesti Wineries called "Stone Age" is located in Branesti village, Orhei district. It will be a unique hotel, built under ground in a limestone mine, which was recently acquired by the winery. The hotel will have rooms for guests, a restaurant, a dining room, a bar, an auditorium, a spa, underground galleries for walking, recreation and places specifically designed for wine storage. Also here will be organized a variety of cultural activities: shows, concerts, etc.Tourists and visitors will have the opportunity to discover an impressive network of beautiful tunnels and caves. This will be a truly a medieval town of stone, hidden under the ground, the walls will have different sizes and special a design composed of circles and lines.The complex will also contain a large collection of wines belonging to Branesti Wineriy and it will offer people the possibility to rent a place and store their own collection.

Eco Resort Butuceni Guest House

Lunch at an agro pension in Butuceni village Here you will experience local specialties, as “zeama”, “mamaliga”, and “scrob”, along with traditional pastry and homemade wine. After attending to a folk assembly play you may also try our national dances.
Arkeologisk lokal

Orheiul Vechi Monastery and Archaeological Complex

The Orhei Vechi (Old Orhei) archaeological complex is an open-air museum situated between the villages of Trebujeni and Butuceni. The museum complex Old Orhei is a system of historical monuments and natural landscapes. It consists of a few promontories. The central promontory in Old Orhei is called Pestere. Its name derives from the many caves carved in it ('Pestere' is Romanian for 'caves'). The Butuceni headland is part of the Old Orhei as well. Together with the Pestere promontory it creates a complex harmony from every point of view. The Butuceni promontory is great from both the geological and esthetic points of view. It has many calcareous slates, spacious caves and small grottos. The wonderful view and ancient traces are impressive.


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