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i närheten av Nunamara, Tasmania (Australia)

Knowing that we didn't have time (or energy) to ride from Launceston to our first destination we caught a bus to Nunamara. (Pronounced New namara). We took to the back roads to avoid the traffic and had a very pleasant ride on both dirt and bitumen until we re-connected with the A3, From there we climbed over a pass known as the Sideling and earned the respect of the locals in doing so. Although the road is narrow and has a moderate amount of traffic we were climbing slowly as were the cars and so the ride wasn't so traumatic. Unfortunately we missed the turnoff to our destination on the downhill run and had to climb back some way. We were losing the light towards the end and so we didn't linger at the top of the pass where there were magnificent views. 589 meters of climb in about 27 degrees.


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