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i närheten av Kaliakair, BD.32 (Bangladesh)

Really it was a mistry for us. I never drove this far before but I had strong determination to reach to my goal. I had started my trail with annother 2 of my friends Edson Falia and Saiful Islam. We had started at 5:03 am from our destination (Bangladesh Adventist Seminary and College, Kaliakoir, Gazipur-1750) and reached at our goal point (Monosapara Adventist Seminary, Charuapara, Dhobaura, Mymensingh) at 7:15 pm and with in this journey we just stopped for once in our launch and in picture taking times. The ride was quite difficult because of too much scorchig Sun and its heat that was something like burning.............. and it was really a combination of on road and off road drive of mountain bike,,, so you understand!!!!!!!!!!!

We encourage all other bicyclists in Bangladesh to enjoy the beauty of our country by having long ride on bicycle.

Thank you.


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