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i närheten av Åmsele, Västerbottens Län (Ruoŧŧa)

Åmsele - Abborrtjärn

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  • Lars Österlund 2014-jun-24

    Isälvsleden (Is "Ice River Trail" an accepted translation, or?) anno summer 2014. Medium difficulty. Well-marked trail path. First part to Åmträsket, easy running, most through undulated pine tree woods and pine moors. Beware though that we took the wrong path to the boat passage over the lake. We made a detour round Djupsund; one should cross a deforestation area (not visible on google earth [old] satellite photos...) north of the small village. After the boat trip [Beware though: only two boats. Do the math and calculate how many you need to be to leave one boat at each shore:) Otherwise, swim! not far].

    After this small stop comes the eskers which presumably is the reason you want to trail here in the first place and also has given the names to the trail. See photos:


    This landscape continues with smooth transition into more pine moor landscape (don't be alarmed by the deforestation areas which appear; and which were not there when you google earted it prior to your trip! It is just Swedish forestry). With the new fences on either side of the railway, the trail follows east-side of the railway - partly through Valfrid Paulsson nature reserve (with "dödis" landscape) - until you come to a gravel road and make a sharp right (west-bound) turn. The trail then continues on moorland and gradually enters farm land and mixed coniferous and deciduous forest landscape.

    The trail then approaches road 363 with some magnificent parts alongside Hjuksån, which you crosses over the road bridge (warning! asphalt 200 m; stop here if this bother you. The rest of the trail is anyway not as exciting.,.)

    After Huksån you will climb the Hjuskå-eskers with gorgeous view over the Vindel river valley. Then you enter Hällnäs village and need to do some asphalt from the sanatorium to the railway tunnel. After the tunnel, you follow the quickest way due east, heading towards Koverberget and the Abborträsk village. Moist forestation, some mires, and - of course - deforestation areas, where you might find it difficult to keep up the pace while climbing over fallen trees and roots. This may appear to be the least attractive part of the entire trail, but keep up the spirit. It is said that the botanical interested may find rare species here. We did not; we were trailing...After Abborträsk, i.e. well after my mobile battery went dead (see uploaded trail, which unfortunately ends after merely 49k), the trail enters pine moor landscape again, with easy trailing on broad, sand, fir needle carpeted paths and finally downhill on Degermyrliden until you enter the lighted trails leading to the sport stadium. And voila, you are home and sweet and longing for a nice swim in the Vindel river.

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