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i närheten av La Vereda, Castilla-La Mancha (España)

Wonderful spring sunny day in a mountain range not far from Madrid, about 1 hour, next to the artificial lake called "El Vado".

Track start where we left the car, in a wide bend where you can easily fit few vehicles in case, our car was the only one in this quiet place.

The first part until the peak "La Centenera" it's through paths and crossing couple of times a wood and climbing on the side of a wall some rocks and between some bush trees, not easy in some steps. Once reached the peak you can stop for a break to enjoy the view all around spotting some other peaks like Pico del Lobo.
Going on to the second peak called "La Tornera", it can be reached through the ridge that has to be done at least for a piece, it's really nice because of the view, because of the shape of the rocks and because of the movements you need to do to cross every single rock (included the climb down or up in some cases).

Now the long way back can start, the first downhill till the path was quite difficult due to dense bush trees all around and to grade of the slope, after you reach the forest path, you just need to follow it, some bends can be cutted to make it shorter. From km 19 to km 19.5 we have literally cut the path going down the valley, crossing the little river and once there we could recognize a destroyed bridge and a very old path in bad conditions, plants and trees has grown on it, even wide branches prickle plants quite dangerous.

Some wild pigs can be spotted on the way to "La Vereda" a wonderful ancient village that now, bit by bit, the people of the village are refurbishing to go in the free time, the atmosphere is magic, it seems like to go back 100 years, stone houses, stone roofs, paths through the houses not paved, old signs here and there and some corners of it are lovely.

Out of the village following the main road to go back to the car, part of it on the river side close to a water mill that was used about 60 years ago.
Beautiful amazing day!

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    Alisssia 2019-apr-24

    Cerdos salvajes, zorros y bambis!!

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