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i närheten av Schürlialp, Chantun Grischun (Switzerland)

Why worthwhile? One of the “easier 3000-ers” with 1 big plus: the Schwarzhorn is the highest of the county Davos and is relatively detached, so guaranteed beautiful view during clear weather!

Starting point: Parking lot Schwarzhorn (2324m), about 1km east of the Flüelapass between Susch and Davos. [Susch (1421m) – Oberengadin, Graubünden]

Time: 5½ – 6 hours.

Difficulty Rating: 4 to 5

Details: despite it being a simple climb in comparison, this tour can not be underestimated due to the great height (3000+). Good mountain paths, partially Alpine circumstances. In Fuorcla Radönt many large boulders: arduous and sometimes confusing (pay attention to the markings). Only undertake tour during good weather conditions!

Route description:

By car from Susch towards Flüelapass we can park near the bus stop “Schwarzhorn”. If this parking lot is full, than there’s another (larger) parking lot about 400m further on. From the parking lot “Schwarzhorn” yellow road signs with red/white/red markings point the way towards “Schwarzhorn”. A narrow, yet good mountain path ascends lightly up. A following exit to the left we let be and keep on going straight ahead. After several minutes we go up steeper in turns, until we reach the higher located plateau. Here a new fork follows: later on we will return via the route coming from the left.

For now we keep going straight ahead and stay on the right-hand side of the plateau that towards its end forms more and more of a valley ending. Alternately steep and less steep we follow a clearly visible mountain path. Sometimes small boulder passages follow. The more we progress in height, the rougher and steeper the path becomes. Atop the next plateau we reach another fork in the road with the route we will choose as return route. For now we keep climbing up towards the now visible ridge named “Schwarzhornfurgga” (2880m). On our right-hand side we can already see the top of the Flüela Schwarzhorn.

In a sturdy climb, partially across gravel, we reach the small Schwarzhornfurgga. From here we take right-angle to the right up cross the ridge of the Schwarzhorn: the first part is narrow and steep. A passage around a high rock standing on end requires “trittsicherheit”, for the rest the route mainly goes up across gravel and flint. After this part the route becomes a lot friendlier, but the climb still remains hard despite this. Without anything worth mentioning we reach the top.

For the descent we go back to the fork under the Schwarzhornfurgga, here we keep to the right towards “Fuorcla Radönt”. First a steep descent through boulders follows, than a large plateau which we cross in a wide arc: pay good attention to markings and Steinmännchen here!

We reach a small blue mountain lake and pass it to its right. Now a large part up and down through boulders follows. Pay good attention to markings and Steinmännchen here as well! After a wearisome part we reach road signs and a fork. Here we go down to the left. In this part there is one passage that requires trittsicherheit (climbing across 2 large boulders), but after this point there are no more difficulties. We descend further and at the lowest point we cross the river using a small wooden bridge. A short climb follows and than we arrive at our original route. From here we’re back at the parking lot in 15 minutes.

Done in 2009.


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