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i närheten av Leskovca, Kobarid (Slovenija)

The 360 degree panorama from Krn (2244m) in the Julian Alps is spectacular! With a view on Triglav in the North and a view of the Gulf of Venice and the Adriatic Sea in the South. Route including GPS / GPX data.

Starting point: A parking lot just north of the (mountain) hamlet Krn, several minutes from Zavetisce Na Planini Kuhinja (mountain cabin at 991m). Krn (855m) can be reached via a narrow yet hardened and well maintained mountain path [Kobarid – Julische Alpen, Gorenjska].

Time: 5 - 5½ hours

Difficulty Rating: 3

Details: Long day trip in the mountains with a considerable height difference of ~1200m. Good mountain paths, sometimes steep. The last part from the mountain cabin to the top goes across a mass of rocks.

Route description:

From the parkinglot we immediately go left onto a broad path that goes into an alp with a left turn (Planini Kuhinja). Right before we reach it we come across a fork in the road which goes right (up the mountain, red/white dotted markings). Through some light forestation and alp meadows we slowly climb upwards crossing a dirt road just once.

Eventually we reach an alp with several (striking) stone houses (Planina Slapnik, ~1250m height). This is a beautiful (first) break area. We continue on past the houses and cut a corner of an unhardened mountain road, continually walking upwards. From here on the terrain becomes rougher. First in a large left-right-left zigzag until we reach a kind of plateau at a height of around 1600m. Now the actual climb towards the top starts.

From the plateau we see a path to our right (north) going up steeply and follow it. At the start we keep north-west. Than we take a turn to the right (north-east). In many short zigzags we climb the steep southern flank over a good path (we’re still following the red/white dotted markings). The higher we get, the rougher the area and mountain path become. After a tiring climb we eventually reach the mountain cabin Gomiščkovo zavetišče na Krnu (2182m).

From here its only 10 minutes to the actual summit at 2244m. This last piece is in an “alpine” environment though! The view from the top makes this whole climb completely worth it!

The way back is the same as the way we came, with (partially) following the unhardened mountain road from Planina Slapnik as an option to substantially decrease the percentage of descent.

Done in 2012.


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