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i närheten av Xujiahui, Shanghai Shi (China)

MEIZHI MANDARIN is an institution with long history,high education quality and outstanding fame.MEIZHI MANDARIN has two convenient locations, one is in XujiahuiMEIZHI MANDARIN TEACHER,next to Shanghai Jiaotong University, another one is in Hongqiao/Gubei, in a place lives many foreigners, and teachers of MEIZHI are selected strictly through a series of tests, then guided by the professors who have abundant teaching experiences in foreign countries. MEIZHI's courses include Chinese Pinyin, fundamental Chinese, daily conversation, business Chinese,YCT HSK BCT C.TEST lecture, etc. we are not only have short-term special class for HSK, but also set the weekday classes for the beginners who want to pass HSK proficiency test. In addition, the intermediate classes are set for foreigners who will attend the intermediate exam. Furthermore, for the beginners, VIP courses and group classes are set. As a whole, in MEIZHI you can find the suitable study method for yourself.

*MEIZHI MANDARIN is appointed as HSK (IBT) official Test Center and Registration Office by Han Ban.
HONGQIAO GUBEI CENTER:Room508 No96 East Rong Hua Road Changning District

XUJIAHUI CENTER:Room505 No45 West Guang Yuan Road Xuhui District



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